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What is Maskne and How Can You Solve This New Skin Problem

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic explosion has a negative impact on various aspects of our lives. Although wearing a face mask has become a new normal (which doesn’t mean it’s not a nuisance), it’s proved that it’s the reason for a new skin issues – called Maskne. In this article, I’m going to take this problem under a microscope.

It was a matter of time that wearing masks every day will be generating some problems. The issue came out shortly after the outbreak and became a hot topic in media, especially in May and June 2020.

But to beat the enemy, we need to first – know the enemy.


What is Maskne?

Maskne is a combination of two words – mask and acne. Maskne is nothing more than acne caused or aggravated by long-term wearing of protective masks.

Since wearing face masks became obligatory, we can observe an increasing number of people with severe acne symptoms (including acne rosacea) discovered in face areas covered with a mask.

What’s causing Maskne?

Imagine a combination of a mechanical rubbing, no access to fresh air, increased humidity and warmth caused by breathing and speaking under a mask. All those aspects create a vicious circle responsible for the multiplication of microorganisms and skin pollution.

The microclimate created under a mask forms an ideal condition for generating skin loosening, sebaceous gland dilatation, the formation of more blackheads, inflammation, and bad-looking open pores.

What’s more, the fact that we wear masks regularly causes skin irritation, redness, or even itching.

What can we do to solve this problem?

How to wash?

If you need to deal with Maskne, you have to choose your face coverings carefully. It would be best if your face mask is produced from a natural material, like cotton or silk.

My advice is to wash your mask in water with a little amount of washing powder. To avoid a situation when detergents irritate your skin, even more, make sure to rinse it properly.

How to wear?

Remember not to touch the mask material with your hands. When you put it on or take it off, put your fingers on the elastic bands, not the material itself.

If you use cotton or silk masks, don’t forget to replace them with fresh ones every four hours at most. However, if you prefer to wear disposable masks, you should do it more often. In fact, every time you take one off, you have to get a new one.

What about descaling agents?

If you overuse descaling agents (containing preservatives), you have to be aware of causing acne in the form of pimples and eczemas. It can result in inflammation and irritation, which can lead to acne rosacea.

It comes down to the fact that people who use descaling agents too much are much more exposed to having skin issues.

What’s the solution then? When you wash your hands, use more water and a gentle cleanser (preservatives can stay on your skin for months!)

The power of skincare

If you suffer from Maskne, the best thing you can do to take care of is to ask for personalized advice about home skincare, which is a crucial aspect of recovering your skin's right balance.

When should you perform your home skincare routine? Every single morning and evening. Plus – it's essential to have it appropriately tailored to the needs and problems of your skin. I

t's best to put your trust in certified skincare experts. If you want to prevent Maskne, you can go for protective and strengthening treatments in cosmetic salons – it's another critically important element of this struggle.

Final tips

Do not do anything on your own because the effect may be different from the intended one. Don't dry out, degrease your skin, try not to use comedogenic cosmetics, which are those that additionally clog pores.

When choosing your creams, please pay attention to their ingredients and their purpose. Do everything you can not to select skincare cosmetics according to their packaging appearance, fragrance, or enticing ads because it's just marketing.

Bear in mind that hygiene and proper skincare is paramount.

The best thing you can do is trust your professional and certified skin expert and schedule your consultation today. Don't wait up for Maskne to develop on your face for good.

One day, masks will go away. On the contrary, your skin issues can stay for longer and can leave a permanent mark, such as skin discoloration or scars. Luckily, you can prevent it now.

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Thank you for great advice Eva's Beauty Room! I had a bad skin reaction to masks during my trip to a warm country and even a short period of time wearing a mask resulted in acne. Thanks to your professional advice, service and products my skin is better than ever before!! 😍

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