Collagen treatment smoothing – moisturizing with the “baby skin” effect 

Advanced liquid crystal formulas enriched with atelocollagen, triple hyaluronic acid SMW, LMW and VLMW, as well as components from the seas and oceans - phytoplankton and deep sea water from the island of Noirmoutier off the coast of the Atlantic. Liquid crystal technology guarantees the highest compatibility with the skin, and the subtle scent of white orange blossoms, bergamot and cyclamen ensures a great experience during the treatment.

Treatment suitability:

  • every skin type - especially dried, rough and dehydrated

  • dried by excessive exposure to sun light and air conditioning

  • with first symptoms of aging:

    • wrinkles, lines, "crow's feet", loss of elasticity

    • skin with symptoms of tiredness

      • ​mat and of gray, unhealthy ​color​

      • skin exposed to negative environmental factors  and oxidative stress (UV, smog, fumes, cigarette smoke)


Treatment effects:

  • intensive and long term hydration of the skin

  • "baby" skin effect - immediate smoothening of the skin

  • "plump" effect - feeling of filling in and making both wrinkles and "crow's feet" around eyes softer and more shallow

  • remineralization and detoxication resulting in the skin being:

    • bright and oxygenated 

    • refreshed and of pleasant smell

Recommended frequency - once off as a basic rehydrating treatment or as series of 4-6 treatments once a week