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Make Up Brushes

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Our brushes are handmade with the highest quality components. The brush heads are arranged manually, and the shape of each one is individually tailored to its purpose, making working with them a pure pleasure. The bristles are embedded in a silver ferrule, which is placed on a black, oval, matte handle.We offer makeup brushes made of both natural and synthetic bristles. The wide selection and attractive prices ensure that everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Choose from individual brushes or customizable sets.

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Nr. 1 Foundation I Brush

Designed to make the application of liquid or creamy foundation even more precise. The oval shape and soft, synthetic bristles ensure even product application. Specially selected bristles do not absorb the foundation, reducing its consumption.


Price: 15 EUR

Nr.2 Foundation II Brush

Creating a flawless makeup base with Eva's Beauty Room Foundation II brush is incredibly easy. The straight-cut blend of synthetic (white) and natural (black) bristles allows for even application of the base or liquid or creamy foundation without streaks. It also works perfectly for applying mineral products. High-quality bristles prevent excessive product absorption.

Price: 19 EUR

Nr.3 Blusher Brush

The brush head is arranged manually, the brush is cut, synthetic bristles. The appropriately dense bristles are perfect for applying powdered cosmetics, with which they cooperate excellently. The blusher brush blends the product into the skin, giving a natural finish without spots or streaks.

Price: 20 EUR 

Nr.4 Modelage Brush

For bronzer or blush, made of high-quality natural goat hair. It is designed to contour the face perfectly. It will perfectly distribute bronzer, blush, and even pressed powder. The natural goat hair arranged in a point ensures precision and perfect adaptation to the cheekbones. You can easily achieve a professional makeup look.

Price: 22 EUR

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Nr.5 and Nr.6 Powder Brushes

Available in two sizes smaller and larger, both have a universal spherical shape, which is perfect for precise application of loose or pressed powder. They also work well for applying thin layers of Egyptian earth. The brushes are made of natural hair of the highest quality type RACCON, characterized by extraordinary density and softness, allowing easy product pickup and precise application to selected areas: face, neck, décolletage.

Nr 5 Price: 31 EUR

Nr 6 Price: 25 EUR

Nr.7 highlighter brush


Designed for applying highlighter, as well as concealer or powder around the eyes. Made of soft and elastic goat hair. The shape of the hair is called ''egg shape''. It is easy to keep clean and does not change its shape. The hair is soft and dense, leaving no unsightly streaks.

Price: 20 EUR

Nr.8 Concealer Brush

The brush is made of high-quality synthetic hair-type ''golden nylon''. It is designed for applying and distributing all types of liquid and cream concealers. It works great for applying products to hard-to-reach areas. The brush is characterized by long, flexible hair with a rounded tip. It copes well with the thickest and most viscous concealers. Its flat shape allows for pinpoint application of concealer.

Price: 12 EUR

Nr.9 Blender eyeshadow


Fluffy and flexible brush, made of natural goat hair <soft and elastic hair>, which allows for creating perfect transitions between colors. It is a 'must-have' brush in your collection and for working with makeup to give the eye makeup a soft finish. The bristles are arranged manually, set in a nickel ferrule mounted on a black, oval, matte handle.

Price: 15 EUR

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Nr. 10, 11, 12 Eyeshadow Brushes

Brushes made of natural pony hair. They are perfect for applying loose and pressed eyeshadows. The oval shape of the bristles, arranged manually to the appropriate length, ensures that the eyeshadows pick up perfectly on the brush and then spread perfectly on the eyelid.

Nr 10 Price: 12 EUR

Nr 11 Price: 14 EUR

Nr 12 Price: 16 EUR

Nr.13 eyeshadow brush 'ball'

Ball-shaped brush made of natural pony hair, its shape is arranged manually to the appropriate length, it is great for blending eyeshadows along the lower eyelid or for pinpoint application of eyeshadows, e.g., in the corner of the eye or under the brow arch.

Price: 12 EUR

Nr.14 Eyeliner Brush

Made of synthetic nylon hair. It is intended for creating perfect eyeliner lines with gel or liquid eyeliner. However, this is not its only use; the angled shape of the bristles also allows for precise eyebrow shaping using eyeshadow or pomade, or adding missing hairs. It is easy to apply eyeshadows along the lash line.

Price: 12 EUR

Nr.15 eyebrows brush

A precise brush made of natural hair intended for applying eyeshadows along the lash line while blending it. It works perfectly for makeup and eyebrow styling, with its help we apply eyeshadow, draw individual hairs where there are gaps, or apply pomade to beautifully shape the desired eyebrow shape.

Price: 10 EUR

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Nr. 16 spiral brush

For combing mascara on eyelashes, or even styling eyebrows, made of synthetic nylon hair, very gentle to the touch, precise, sensually curls eyelashes, and adds volume to them. It arranges eyebrows and eyelashes and blends eyeshadows applied to the eyebrows without damaging the skin on the eyebrows. The conical shape of the brush allows for even application or combing of the applied mascara from the base to the ends of the eyelashes. It separates and combs the hair and allows removing excess cosmetics after styling.

Price: 12 EUR

Nr.17 lipstick brush


A brush made of high-quality synthetic nylon hair, It is designed for applying and distributing lipsticks. The brush arranged in a cat's tongue allows for precise application in the corners of the mouth. It can also be used as a concealer brush. Soft, high-quality synthetic hair with a tapered tip is an ideal solution for makeup in delicate eye areas.

Price: 12 EUR

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How to Look After Your Brushes?

Brush care not only extends their lifespan but also ensures the health of our skin. Regular cleaning helps to remove bacteria that can cause irritation. Clean brushes provide better and more precise application of cosmetics.

How to properly clean brushes?:

  1. Choose the right cleansing solution: Use gentle cleansing solutions such as special brush shampoos or mild soaps.

  2. Soak in water: Soak the brush in warm water, avoiding submerging the wooden handle.

  3. Apply the solution: Apply a small amount of cleansing solution to your hand and gently massage it into the bristles.

  4. Rinse: Gently rinse the brush under running warm water until the water runs clear.

  5. Gently squeeze out excess water: Using a towel, gently squeeze out excess water from the brush.

  6. Drying: Dry the brushes horizontally, with the bristles facing downwards. Avoid drying brushes upright, as water could seep into the handle and weaken the glue holding the bristles.

  • Do not use a hairdryer: High temperatures can damage the bristles and the glue holding them.

  • Regularity: Cleaning brushes weekly is an ideal practice for those who use makeup daily.

  • Storage: Store brushes in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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