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Vitamin C​

In recent years, Vitamin C has been the object of considerable interest from the international scientific community, which has confirmed its extreme important role fighting skin ageing, and the multiple attacks of an increasingly hostile external environment against the skin.


Unfortunately, vitamin C is a poorly stable substance that is easily decomposed by exposure to light and air, thus losing most of its biological properties. This is why even products that contain it lose their efficacy over time.

Histomer's research has overcome this limitation by developing a new line of facial treatment products, Histomer Vitamin C, based on a stable form of vitamin C that has very high biological activity, Vitamin C Native Complex (pure vitamin C in its native state).

Vitamin C is present in nature in the form of L-ascorbic acid, and is always combined with other auxiliary substances that increase its bilogical activity and long-term stability. 

Vitamin C Native Complex is an extraordinary active complex that is identical to the natural one, in which vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is combined with another precious natural substance, Ellagin C (Ellagic Acid).

The complex formed by these 2 substances is capable of establishing a stable, long-term bond with deep skin tissues with results that are by far better than Vitamin C alone.

Vitamin C is present in nature in some plants cells that considerably favour its biological activity. Histomer researchers have found that, even on the skin, as in nature, the biological activity of vitamin C is strongly affected by the presence of appropriately selected plant cells.  The most  performing of the various plant cells are cells obtained from the embryonic tissues of Buddleja Daviddi


Vitamin C helps to develop 5 intensive actions:

  • lifting - stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres

  • lightening - brightens the complexion and gradually fades dark spots

  • adaptogenic - enhances the immune defences and resistance to stress the environment, by pollution and by climate and seasonal change

  • dereddening - strengthens the capillaries and reduces skin reddening and irritation 

  • moisturising and nourishing - leaves the skin smooth, soft and moisturized

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