The intelligent preparations of the specialist estGen brand are based on an innovative formula operating at the cellular level, which combines the latest achievements in bioengineering and cosmetology.


EstGen preparations are used for complex tissue reconstruction and regeneration by initiating communication routes between cells and modulating inflammation of various skin structures. The action of estGen supports the growth of cells and tissues by stimulating DNA formation and regulates immune responses.


The composition of estGen preparations includes isolated proteins, such as growth factors, immunomodulating proteins, bacteriostatic substances, as well as enzymes, polyamides, nucleic acid and amino acid derivatives and a unique set of vitamins and minerals.

Bioengineering for perfect skin


Many years of research in tissue bioengineering laboratories confirm the high effectiveness of estGen preparations, whose intelligent formula allows them to solve a specific skin problem by adapting to its type, age, and condition.


The estGen series owes its effectiveness to the transferrin complex, which influences growth factors, in particular, IGF-1, EGF, FGF.




The estGen therapy consists of applying the preparation to previously damaged tissue or initiating this damage during a specialist procedure, thus starting an intensive regeneration process.


It is widely used with profiled apparatus and combined therapies.



estGen purifying fluid


Mild cleansing liquid with makeup removal function, designed for all skin types. It provides a suitable environment to absorb active proteins already during the cleansing stage. It protects the hydrolipid coat and actively soothes irritations. It ensures proper pH and supports the functions of natural skin microbiota. Restores homeostasis making the skin healthy and resistant to environmental factors.


It is an essential element in the estGen care programme, preparing the skin for further treatment stages.

estGen active fluid


The active fluid is a functional multi-purpose fluid for the face and body. It is a cleansing, disinfecting, antiseptic, softening, restoring proper pH, and activating several beneficial processes in the skin. It is widely used in cosmetic treatments, not only in the estGen program but also in other combined therapies. It supports the natural processes of exfoliation and reconstruction of the protective layer. It helps to lighten discolorations and eliminate superficial irregularities, acting as a regulator of cell renewal. It creates a perfect environment for the initiated tissue processes leading to tissue revitalization. Complements any cosmetic therapy, preparing the tissue for taking active proteins and many other ingredients.


It is a perfect complement to home care of problematic skins.


It is a critical element of the estGen care programme, provides optimal treatment effects, and a basis for exfoliation and regeneration care.

estGen Complex active gel


The complex active gel is a wealth of synergistically cooperating active proteins, activating the immune response, which leads to tissue remodeling and, as a result, to achieving Healthy Skin.


This preparation leads to the reconstruction of the extracellular matrix, creating a perfect environment for tissue processes and restoring the skin's biological functions. It strengthens strength and organizes tissue structures facilitating intercellular communication necessary for the revitalization process.


It influences the control of the inflammatory process taking place in the tissue or caused by initiation during cosmetic procedures.


Complex active gel activates thermal shock proteins, called caring proteins, which in the moment of stress caused by external factors protect damaged cells from degradation, apoptosis, and change of structures, matching the tissue's physiological nature.

estGen active gel


Preparation for sonophoresis procedures to normalize existing inflammation in the course of various types of acne.


Active gel estGen is a wealth of immunomodulating proteins placed in the hydrogel base. This base ensures effective penetration of amino acids into the deep parts of the skin, limiting the formation of inflammatory conditions with a robust bacteriostatic effect and stimulation of keratinocyte function.


Active cosmetic dressing


The active cosmetic dressing is the last and essential element of scar care in the estGen treatment programme. It shows strong occlusal properties, which ensures proper hydration of the tissue, weakens capillary function, reduces passive congestion, and accumulates collagen and tissue disorders.


It causes the widening of the intercellular space thanks to which correct divisions and balance between synthesis and degradation of tissue structures, especially collagen fiber, occur.


estGen active cream


The unique composition of active ingredients acting synergistically stimulates tissue regeneration and remodeling processes. To intensify the fighting action to pathogens, the structure was reinforced with colloidal silver.


Used in cosmetic procedures and after invasive aesthetic medicine and laser therapy, it is an excellent and safe tissue regenerator.


It increases the effectiveness of performed treatments, acting in a multifaceted way, also in case of increased risk of bacterial and fungal infections.


Active cosmetic regenerator cream


The active cosmetic regenerator is a combination of unique ingredients giving the effect of immediate moisturizing and rebuilding the physiological functions of the skin, including the reconstruction of the microbiota.


It is an integral part of estGen care, stimulating the processes of self-deterioration and renaturation. It owes its effectiveness to nanosomes and liposomes, rebuilding the tissue at the cellular level. The action of Hyaceramidyl also reduces wrinkles and improves epidermal barrier functioning. It contributes to creating a new extracellular matrix, thus stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin.


It is an essential element in estGen treatments/programs aimed at dry, hydrolipidic, irritated, and allergic skin problems.

Toning Lotion

Ultra-hydrating Toning Lotion with a range of therapeutic functions for skins in need of immediate soothing and hydration. Excellent for dry and degraded skin lacking a proper hydro-lipid mantle.

The formula binds water molecules and cares for optimum hydration levels throughout the day, maintaining high TEWL levels.

By maintaining a physiological water environment, it helps to soothe inflammation in the skin. Protects against the degradation of the intercellular matrix, restoring homeostasis in the tissue, and caring for its elements' correct structure.


Maintains the natural environment of skin microbiota, protecting it from destructive environmental factors.

The product protects the skin by ensuring its proper pH.

By softening, is a promoter of penetration and prepares to accept valuable ingredients during therapy.

It perfectly complements the multi-tasking programme "Naturally perfect skin" estGen, making the skin silky soft and supple.


Product action:

- Tones

- Moisturises

- Renaturing

- De-sensitises

- Stops TEWL

- Protects the skin microbiota

- Permeation promoter

- Restoration of sun damage



It is a mild toning lotion for the face and body with the function of renaturing and rebuilding the hydrolipid mantle. It restores the correct physiological environment, soothes irritations, maintains the proper pH, and supports the skin's natural microbiota. It restores skin homeostasis and is designed for all skin types.

Active peptide concentrate


The active substances' components reduce pain receptors' activity, strengthen the immune system, and reduce allergic reactions.


They maintain a low skin response to allergens and inflammatory factors.


Apart from acting in synergy, the active substances balance the disturbed acid-water-lipid balance.

They control the activity of enzymes degrading fibres, have antihistamine and antipruritic effects, and take care of the skin's natural microbiota.


It is a perfect complement of estGen therapy in home care.

Main ingredients:

- Pentapeptide

- Acetyl Tetrapeptide

- Patchouli Seed Oil

- Grape seed oil

- Troxerutin

- Rosemary acid

- Gallic acid

- Extract of mouse-ear root

- Liquorice root

Product action:

- De-sensitising

- Antipruritic

- Antioxidant

- Reduces inflammatory and post-inflammatory conditions

- Reduces pain receptor activity

- Improving skin tone

- Protects the microbiota

- Replenishing defects in the hydrolipid mantle




It's a multi-purpose preparation from the estGen therapeutic line. It is an excellent complement to estGen therapy as a therapeutic mask in in-office treatments and in-home care.


It has unusual properties of peptides that inhibit inflammatory reactions by affecting interleukins, causing inflammatory reactions and irritation and neurological ones. Reduces the activity of pain receptors TRPV1, strengthens the immune system of the skin.


Amino acids such as arginine, histidine phenylalanine, and valine reduce allergic reactions, reduce redness, help the skin maintain a low response to allergens and inflammatory factors. It perfectly restores the water environment in the skin and replenishes the loss of the hydrolipid mantle on its surface, making the skin resistant to irritants.


Accelerates wound and burn healing, reduces post-inflammatory and inflammatory states in the course of various ethnology lesions, including acne vulgaris and rosacea.


Apart from acting in synergy, the components of active substances balance the disturbed acid-water-lipid balance, have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-allergic effects. They protect the skin matrix, control the activity of enzymes degrading fibres, have anti-histamine and anti-itch impact, and take care of the skin's natural microbiota.