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Electrical equipment used in facial therapy is designed to improve skin conditions, hydrating, protect and delay the effects of ageing, stimulating, tightening and firming, nourishing cleansing and relaxing.

Facial Steaming

Steaming is a gentle treatment suitable for all skin types. It comes together with some facial treatments, for example, before deep cleanse. How to know if you need one? The decision always comes up after individual consultation.


  •  opens the pores and softens the skin

  •  stimulates the sudoriferous glands to produce sweat, helping to eliminate waste

  •  prepares skin for further treatment

  •  relaxation

  •  increase in circulation brings nutrients to the skin and carries away waste products

  •  softens oily deposits in the follicles, and removes comedones more easily

  •  increased circulation causes erythema, improving skin colour



  •  hypersensitive skin

  •  acne rosacea

  •  asthma

  •  sunburn


High Frequency

They are usually used after deep cleansing treatments. High frequencies have a bactericidal effect on the skin - in one word, they 'kill bacteria.'


  • oily, blemished, and pustular skin – heals and dries – especially after deep cleanse

  • sallow skin – improves skin color

  • stimulates and encourages cell renewal



  • pregnancy

  • heart problems

  • epilepsy

  • highly nervous client




It is an electrical treatment that passes a direct current through the skin. At our salon, we usually recommend this treatment for sensitive, overactive skin with broken capillaries. It's a way to go if you need to calm your skin, make broken capillaries stronger, and stop the burning sensation. 


It would be best if you took this treatment as a series twice a year, especially before summertime and wintertime – sun, heat, rain, and wind in high doses may hurt your skin.


On top of that, thanks to galvanism, you will massage, lift, and firm your skin. 


We recommend taking a course of 10 treatments every day or every second day. The price for a full course is 80 EUR.


Specific contraindications to galvanism

  • lack of skin sensation

  • metal pins or plates

  • braces or lots of metal fillings

  • epilepsy

  • heart problems

  • open/cut skin

  • pregnancy

  • pustular acne

  • any skin diseases to prevent cross-infection


Cavitation Peeling


The treatment is an efficient dead epidermis peeling and uncovers younger dermis layers free from dead cells, excess of sebum, bacteria, toxic substances, and cosmetics residues.


Skin prepared in such a way is ready for better absorption of preparations. As a result of clearing (peeling), your skin will be visibly smoothed and softened with opened pores and hair follicles, disinfected (bacteria and microorganisms are destroyed).


Your skin may become slightly red, which will disappear after a few minutes or a few hours (in case of very sensitive skin). We use cavitation peeling in our salon, usually as the first step of peeling during the facial (if skin condition allows).



Sonophoresis – Ultrasounds

It's a modern noninvasive skin tightening and lifting treatment. It involves active substances entering into the dermis by the use of ultrasounds. Ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into your skin, resulting in increased permeability of cell membranes. It makes the preparations apply effectively without irritating your skin.


Effects of ultrasounds

  • mechanical – micro-massage – pressure changes in tissues

  • thermal and biological – heat formation in tissues what causes better skin permeability, increased blood circulation, fat deposits breakage

  • congestion increase in the epithelium and corium layers, improvement of local metabolism

  • a rise in cell membranes' permeability – improves cells exchange and better fluid absorption

Results after treatment 

  • skin firming

  • revitalization, improved color

  • hydration and oxygenation

  • rejuvenation

  •  improved sealing of blood vessels

  • removes sagging of skin and muscle

  • softens scars.

  • alleviates acne and chilblains



  • pregnancy

  • heart problems

  • epilepsy

  • highly nervous client

  • open/cut skin

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