Sweet Temptation
-Forget About everyday life for a while and recharge your batteries -


A jewel of the Amazon


Chocolate-scented rituals instantly put you in an excellent mood and are extremely relaxing, while providing nourishing care for the skin.


The psychoactive substance contained in cocoa, ethyl phenylamine, is responsible for stimulating the secretion of happy hormones, including dopamine. Cocoa also provides the body with polyphenols, thanks to which it is spectacularly successful in the fight against oxidative stress.


The cocoa line takes advantage of the excellent aromatherapeutic, slimming, and nourishing properties of chocolate. It intensively smoothes and firms the skin. The prelude to a full treatment is a scrub that wraps the body with a combination of chocolate and orange aroma notes, exceptionally pleasant for the senses.

Delicious Seduction Scrub


Delicious Seduction Scrub is a body scrub with natural cocoa extract. It is a unique, seductive SPA experience for the skin and senses.


Immediately after application on the skin of the body releases an intense, chocolate scent. It has been specially developed as one of the elements of the SWEET TEMPTATION spa ritual.


Delicious Seduction Scrub effectively removes rough skin and makes dry skin smoother and more supple, especially during the cold season. Cocoa extract, rich in theobromine and polyphenols, stimulates the skin's microcirculation and protects it from free radicals.


A pumice stone based on minerals and volcanic rock granules removes dead skin cells and smoothes the skin texture. Delicious Seduction Scrub is the ideal prelude to a wellness ritual.us Seduction Scrub

Creamy Chocolate Body Pack

Creamy Chocolate Body Cream is a creamy mask with a delicate texture that "melts" on the skin. It spreads perfectly on the body, smoothes the skin, makes it velvety soft and smooth. Dry body skin regains its silky softness.


The aroma of cocoa relaxes, energizes, and inspires the mind and body. Excess of the mask can be massaged into the skin of the body, leaving it with a feeling of pleasant softness.


Theobroma cacao extract from the cocoa tree is rich in theobromine and polyphenols, stimulating skin microcirculation and protecting it against free radicals. Bisabolol and allantoin soothe and smooth the skin structure.


  • Full body 

    • Single Treatment: 90 EUR

    • Series of 4 Treatments: 325 EUR

    • Series of 6 Treatments: 486 EUR

  • Full legs  & Bottom

    • Single Treatment: 70 EUR

    • Series of 4 Treatments: 255 EUR

    • Series of 6 Treatments: 378 EUR

  • Back

    •  Single Treatment: 55 EUR​

    • Series of 4 Treatments: 196 EUR

    • Series of 6 Treatments: 295 EUR