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Bridal Color Analysis

 - The Secret Magic of Creative Make-up Artists -


Wedding day – one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life. No wonder that every bride desires to look staggering. That’s why a make-up artist becomes something more than just a person who composes a professional wedding make-up. Future brides expect something more – a complex stylistic advice and designing a complete wedding image. And that’s where Bridal Color Analysis comes in.


To say that this day is special is like not saying anything at all. It captures all the magic a woman can dream of. Modern brides are no longer into a traditional vision of wedding held in a restaurant or a wedding house. Over the years, women have been inhaling the style of the American romantic comedies’ heroines. They began to dream of a fairy-tale wedding that will dazzle with outstanding style and creative approach. Everything that it takes to make this special day an unforgettable moment.

This desire has increased the popularity of a wedding stylist profession. This person is a knowledgeable consultant who is fully aware of the latest wedding trends and is able to choose and arrange all the elements of stylization. This is everything from the bride’s image, through invitations, up to deciding on the wedding venue and table decorations.

A woman who is about to get married needs to put enormous trust in this person. Therefore, the consultant must have a professional knowledge and be able to create the kind of bride’s image that will hypnotize all the wedding guests.

The Challenge


The Wedding day is a milestone and a celebration of love and happiness, but it also triggers a lot of stress for a woman. Before the future bride says the magical „yes”, it takes months of preparations, expectations, and searching for solutions. Choosing a dream wedding dress and wedding make-up is the most exciting and challenging part. This is where an experience wedding stylist enters the stage, ready to give advice and support, not only in arranging the actual make-up but also in customizing the leading wedding color composition.


We need to bear in mind, that bride’s image consists of various elements. To deliver a final, stunning effect, all those elements need to maintain a certain style, a sort of esthetic code. This is why deciding on bridal color analysis is so crucial.


How does it work?


It’s time to reveal a big advantage of this kind of service. The bridal color analysis is fast and nearly costless. The basic version of the analysis lasts only 45-60 minutes. It’s about choosing the colour tone of the wedding dress and so-called leading wedding colors, which will be the base to produce all the elements: the make-up, add-ons, invitations, arrangement of the wedding hall, and so forth.

Thanks to a unified range of colors, the entire wedding setting makes an exceptional impression and looks well thought out and refined.

To make magic happen, the stylist uses a special set of accessories. She doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel and design the colors from scratch. She takes a wide range of ready propositions and chooses the one that will perfectly match the bride’s unique beauty, and highlight her natural assets. The goal is to bestow a bride with an idea for beautiful and modern wedding image.


A top-notch stylist divides the whole process into two main stages:



Fairy-tale snow-white suits only very few women. Luckily, during the last couple of years, the wedding fashion has drifted away from a traditional approach to wedding dresses’ color. Salons have started to offer wedding creations in various shades.

The first stage of bridal color analysis is about selecting the right shade of wedding white. Every woman has a natural color type. To reveal it, a wedding stylist uses shawls in various shades: from chalk white, through écru, up to a dark champagne tone. This test is reliable thanks to shawls, made of original fabrics used for the wedding dresses production. A properly selected shade of white will emphasize the natural beauty of the future bride.

As we mentioned above, each woman has her color type. We need to remember, that each color type has a perfect match when it comes to a shade of white. A make-up artist marks the most favorable shade on a Bridal Color Analysis and hands it out to the client after the first stage is completed.


A make-up artist carefully selects shades that will match a bride’s natural beauty. She uses 18 special Color Frames consisting of the most popular color compositions to apply in wedding stylization. Examples?

• Red with gold
• Blue with rouge
• Rouge with violet
• Rouge with silver
• Coral with turquoise?
• Green with orange
• Rouge with green
• Gold with salmon etc.

Compositions we can find in those frames refer to different color types, therefore a stylist can easily find a winner composition, perfect for either a delicate blonde with blue eyes or a sensual, exotic bride with a darker hair and skin.




The effect is stunning! When a stylist completes her work, a bride receives the result card called Bridal Color Analysis. On this card, a make-up artist marks the winner wedding white which will be ideal for a future bride’s skin and hair.

Also, a client gets a leading color palette which comes from testing with the Color Frame described above. Moreover, the materials include some inspirational photos on how to turn those colors into a spotless wedding stylization.

On top of that, the last page of Bridal Color Analysis has a face chart, ready to sketch a make-up project or to jot down the list of necessary cosmetics.


What can you expect from the Bridal colour analysis?

- consultation on the coherent image of the bride and the style of the wedding,

- work on specialised frames, colour charts, and scarves,

- the possibility of extending the service to trial wedding make-up,

- advice on the selection of wedding jewellery

- individually composed wedding colour chart and wedding white chart at the end of the service.


The bridal colour analysis service includes the following packages. You can choose from:

1. Selection of wedding white and wedding colours - a comprehensive service that consists of choosing the most suitable shade of wedding white for the type of your beauty, and also complementing the style of the wedding with a range of wedding colours ideal for your kind of beauty and the character of the wedding reception. During the service, I also determine the colour of jewellery that matches your beauty.

(between 1,5 and 2 hours)
Price: 110 EUR


2. Wedding colour analysis (white and other colours) and bridal make-up trial - a comprehensive wedding colour analysis service is extended to wedding make-up trial, using wedding colours we determined before.

(between 3 and 3,5 hours).
Price: 150 EUR*
* The service does not include the cost of attaching eyelash tufts or strip eyelashes.


How should you prepare to your wedding colour analysis?


  • Take with you a photo of your wedding dress (if you already have one) and some inspiration about the style of your wedding ceremony and wedding makeup that you like - thanks to this, I will be able to understand your expectations better and translate them into concrete results.

  • If you have chosen the bridal colour analysis option (without the bridal makeup trial), you can come with delicate makeup (unified complexion, emphasized eye and brow).

  • If you have chosen the option of a bridal colour analysis with a bridal makeup trial - come without makeup or with very delicate makeup (washing it off will take precious time and may cause unwanted reddening of the skin and eyes).

  • Don't tan beforehand (I will advise you whether a tan is a good idea when it comes to bridal styling for your beauty type), or come with a tan of the degree you plan to have on the day of your wedding ceremony.

  • Refrain from colouring your hair (I will advise you which colour effects on your head will be the most beneficial for your beauty type) or come in the colour you want to have on your wedding day (I will adjust the trial wedding makeup to this effect).


The entire bridal colour analysis takes place in Eva’s Beauty Room.

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