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A Novelty in Irish Cosmetology
The First Pain-Free Skin Modeling Device

Bloomea® is a compact device that delivers spectacular results previously unknown in the cosmetic industry. Developed by plastic surgeons, Bloomea® is now in the hands of cosmetologists. The device has been present in the French market for 12 years. The French "Trio M.M.L" technology opened up new possibilities for providing patients with the effects of a complete facelift based on 100% natural skin renewal.

What does the treatment involve? It's the synergistic action of three (Trio) technologies: (M) macro-exfoliation, (M) micro-vibration, and (L) lumino-therapy.

In the initial stage, the therapist uses one of the selected heads with three intensity levels to perform macro-exfoliation, a new form of superficial and "intracellular" exfoliation. This phase is the most critical part of the procedure because it brings about the most significant changes at the epidermal and dermal levels.

During this phase, decisions are made on whether to proceed with nurturing (moisturizing/oxygenating), lifting (restructuring at the dermal level), or rebuilding (for treatments targeting scars and stretch marks).

The second (micro-vibration) stage involves an active serum and mask featuring a lifting massage. This phase aims to restore the skin's hydrolipidic layer, effectively bind water at the epidermal level, and create occlusion with large collagen and elastin molecules at the epidermal level to prevent discoloration.

The last phase of luminotherapy aims to enhance collagen production.

The treatment ends with a soothing biocellulose mask with a high concentration of aloe extract. ​It is especially beneficial for more invasive procedures.


For the face

  • Treatment of acne scars.

  • Reduction of wrinkles.

  • Addressing post-sun discoloration.

  • Enhancing skin smoothness and tension.

  • Restoration of softness.

  • Oxygenation of the skin.

  • Deep moisturizing.

For the neck and decolletage

  • Improving skin smoothness and tension.

  • Restoring softness.

  • Oxygenating the skin.

  • Deep moisturizing.


  • Pregnancy

  • Breastfeeding - first 3 months

  • Cardiac pacemaker/metal implant

  • Varicose veins – in the treated area

  • Tactile and thermal sensitivity

  • Cancer – 5 years after recovery

  • Epilepsy

  • Viral skin infections – warts, herpes, molluscum contagiosum

  • Fungal infections

  • Skin tumors and moles

  • Cavernous hemangioma

  • Anti-acne therapy with Roaccutane – at least a 3-month break recommended

  • Pustular acne

  • Dermatological therapy – after one year of treatment

  • Scars – six months after surgery

  • Ulcers – skin damage

  • Depression and other mental disorders

  • Use of photosensitive drugs

  • Botox and fillers – one month after the procedure

  • Tissue stimulators and mesotherapy – two weeks after the procedure

  • PDO thread lifting – two months after the procedure

Bloomea's non-invasive and versatile nature makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking various skin treatments and rejuvenation.

The entire procedure is a pleasant experience, lasting approximately 60 minutes. For lifting treatments, it is advisable to undergo 6 to 8 sessions every 3-4 weeks (depending on the skin condition etc).

Single treatment (Face & Neck):  135 EUR

Course of 4 Treatments:  490 EUR

Course of 5 Treatments:  600 EUR

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