Theo Marvee Facials

Here you can find details of Theo Marvee treatments provided by our salon. Please note that each facial treatment or series is preceeded with a skin analysis which will determine type of treatment required in the given individual circumstances.



Make the world envy you

We all know how priceless collagen is for our skin condition. It is a protein that is one of the main components of connective tissue and accounts for about 30% of the proteins in our body. It is responsible for elasticity, firmness, moisturizing of the skin, and for constant cell renewal. Already after 25 years of age, the inevitable and irreversible process of gradual collagen collapse begins (on average 1% per year). The reason for this phenomenon is the decreasing activity of fibroblasts, which unfortunately are unable to supplement the deficit of the "youth protein" caused by the unfavourable effect of aging enzymes. This leads to the collagen-elastin scaffold collapse, which is visible as "crow's feet", wrinkles and furrows.

Due to the fact that collagen is one of the most valued ingredients used in cosmetics, it must have a special place in the Théo Marvée's offer.

Collagènique line - collagen regeneration and moisturizing treatment based on antiaging ingredients such as:

  • Hydro-Marine Collagen is a biologically active concentrate of marine collagen, which is a rich source of peptides and amino acids. Perfectly moisturises and reduces visibility of wrinkles.
  • Hydroavena HPO-LQ - micronized oligopeptides from oats, which, thanks to the ability to penetrate deep layers of the skin, bind moisture and thereby firm and smooth the skin.
  • Sterocare PH - isoflavon-rich red clover flower extract which has etrogenic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity, and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Bio Proteinol PF - Placenta extract (placenta) rich in nutrients such as: amino acids, vitamins, folic acid, biotin, enzymes, oligoelements. Placenta improves skin metabolism and increases tissue blood supply.
  • Argirelina - a peptide with skin relaxing properties, that is relaxing muscle tension, thus preventing the formation of facial wrinkles and smoothing the skin with a botulin-like effect. In addition, it
    stimulates skin cells to produce collagen.





Shine like a star!

Is gold a luxury that not everyone can afford? Is it intended only for the wealthiest of this world? Theo Marvee makes sure all women have possibility to pamper themselves with a little bit of luxury. Excelsi'Or line - based on 24-carat gold and lifting complex Suberlift ® is a luxury line which pampers the senses and makes us feel really cared for. Luxury, banquet line with the colloidal gold, and lifting and moisturizing complexes. Results in immediate improvement in skin moisture and tension, leaving it looking younger and healthier. When developing the formula Theo Marvee laboratories focused on obtaining a great effect dedicating this line to people who want and need to look great during important moments such as weddings or other important events. The luxury line for people who particularly care for their good looks and image. Now also you can shine and feel glamorous with Excelsi'Or Theo Marvee preparations.

The line contains:

  • Suberlift® - Extract from the bark of the cork oak which forms a microcrystalline network, restoring skin firmness and elasticity. With its suberin, it delays the aging process of the skin and protects it against the loss of water, minerals and nutrients.
  • Colloidal Gold - Micronized, the 24-carat gold, slows the aging process of the skin, regenerates and smoothes, tightens pores, stimulates collagen synthesis and also has antibacterial, antifungal and antinflammatory properties. Leaves a film on the skin that protects it from external factors




Set Laser-free rejuvenation

Express, restrusturing and rejuvenating treatment in a set of 2 ferulic acid treatments, immediately improves the condition of the skin, gives it a healthy glow, with a laser-like effect.




Neurosensory soothing treatment

By creating the Réactif line, scientists from Théo Marvée laboratories have combined neuro-cosmetic ingredients and natural plant complexes to provide a neurosensory soothing treatment for over-sensitive, sensitive and cracked skin. Neurocosmetics from the Réactif line are based on the unprecedented use of the latest developments in the world of cosmetology through the use of the synergy of Calmosensine ™, Polyplant Anti-Couperosis and Brazilian Acai Berry Extract.

  • Calmosensine™ - An innovative lipopeptide that reduces the sensitivity to heat, pain and touch and thus alleviates the feeling of unpleasant sensations. Calmosensine ™ contains an active ingredient that relaxes while stimulating the production of endorphins, increasing the comfort of hyperactive skin.
  • Polyplant Anti-Couperosis - Fitocomplex containing extracts from the following plants: arnica mountain, chestnut, witch hazel, ivy, St. John's wort and vines. It helps to reduce the capillary permeability, thereby reducing the "spider veins", soothes irritations and deeply moisturises.
  • Acai Extract - The extract of Brazilian acai berry thanks to the content of antioxidants has strong anti-wrinkle and moisturizing properties. Acai contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Protein and Fatty Acids such as Omega 6 and Omega 9. This is due to the presence of phytosterols that the exact helps maintain normal collagen levels. Acai affects the firmness and moisturising of the skin.



Turn back time

Creating the line of TEMPTATION lifting cosmetics, Théo Marvée's laboratories had one goal: TO TURN BACK TIME. Thanks to the high concentration of the newest and most innovative active ingredients, we can confidently say that we have been successful.

  • Syn®–Ake (snake venom) - Neurotransmitter inhibitor protein, which stops the release of acetylcholine into the synaptic cleft, resulting in neuromuscular impairment. Syn®-Ake is neuropeptide that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper snake s toxin, and is the strongest relaxing peptide.The Syn®-Ake study confirmed immediate wrinkle reduction lasting for about 6 hours. On the other hand, after 28 days, wrinkles were reduced by 50%. It has been shown to reduce the incidence of muscle contraction, resulting in reduced wrinkles and improved skin appearance. This ingredient shows similar effects to botulinum toxin - strongly anti-wrinkle, but, non-toxic. Additionally, it does not cause immune response, so that no antibodies appear as a reaction to this protein.
  • PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica - The first active plant stem cells, whose task is to protect human skin stem cells, and whose efficacy havs been demonstrated in studies. PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica is a liposomal preparation. Plant stem cells are obtained from apples (rare Swiss species), using innovative and patented plant cell culture. By developing this method, it is possible to obtain cells from the near-wound tissue. The species of apples from which these cells are derived is rich in epigenetic factors that have the capacity to activate genes without affecting their structure. The benefits of using this formulation are:
    - It protects "longevity" of human skin stem cells - It delays the aging of basic cells - It fights the symptoms of chronological aging of the skin
  • Tens’Up™ - It is a natural active substance that combines the immediate and long-lasting effects of an anti-aging facelift. It contains more than 35% of oligosaccharides derived from chicory root that visibly tighten the surface of the skin and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. In addition, the matrix technology used (three-dimensional polysaccharide matrix derived from the Tara tree) enables the sequential release of active substances into the skin where they affect collagen synthesis and provide a long-term anti-aging effect. In the in-vivo study, 90% of the subjects confirmed a clear, immediate facelift effect induced by Tens'Up ™.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - The polysaccharide belonging to glucosaminoglycans, which together with elastin and collagen are the basic components of the tissue structure such as the skin. HA has hygroscopic properties and one molecule of this acid is able to bind about 250 molecules of water. With the decreasing amount of HA in the skin, the collagen fibers are disorganised, leading to the appearance of senile changes in the skin. HA is considered one of the best moisturisers as it protects skin against drying out. The amount of 1 gram of hyaluronic acid is able to hold nearly 6 litters of water. Hyaluronic acid is a biocompatible substance, i.e. it does not cause any adverse reaction after use such as allergies, irritations, redness or burning. It has excellent soothing properties, effectively moisturises the dry skin prone to bursting. Smoothes out, improves elasticity and firms the skin. The well-hydrated stratum corneum becomes more permeable to the active substances.




Nature on our side

The Théo Marvée Laboratories have created a line of remarkable anti-wrinkle, regenerating and moisturizing properties. The synergic combination of the properties of caviar extract and black pearl extract has created a complex that effectively counteracts the passing of time, making skin looking younger and more beautiful day after day.

  • Pearl extract - An extremely effective anti-wrinkle extract containing about 20 amino acids including those responsible for healing and nourishing of cells. The combination of aragonite (crystalline form of calcium carbonate) and konchiolina (protein) is called Mother of pearl (nacre). Research has shown that pearlescent extracts contain ingredients that have a significant effect on skin condition: they stimulate the production of specific growth factors that activate the functions of the skin responsible for accelerating the cell renewal. Skin regains tension and flexibility. Pearl also contains mineral salts which are an invaluable source of calcium having remineralising properties and restoring proper skin balance.
  • Caviar extract - It speeds up the formation of collagen fibers by 67% and is rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and micro-elements: cobalt, copper, phosphorus, silicon, zinc and also amino acids such as glycine, lysine, histidine, arginine and aspargine. These ingredients intensify the processes that occur inside the cells simultaneously release the aging process and moisturise the skin. Caviar extract creates a moisturizing film that protects the skin from external factors such as UV radiation, climate, dehydration and pollution. This protection affects the reduction of facial wrinkles by improving the appearance of the skin.



Feel the power of moisture

Irrespective of age, moisturizing the skin is the key to preserving its youth, radiance and beauty. Contrary to appearances, dry skin is one of the most problematic types of skin. Dehydrated facial skin regenerates slowly, loses proper tension and elasticity, and is more prone to wrinkle formation. Dry skin may be genetic, may be a consequence of skin ageing, but more and more often it is the result of neglect and improper skin care.
Aquastic line from Théo Marvée delivers deep and long-lasting moisturising substances, but it also show filling and wrinkle smoothing properties. In addition, it prevents further loss of water through the skin while increasing its content in the cells. Its application improves dramatically the hydration and structure of the skin, while delicate and pleasant scent notes guarantee extra sensual pleasure.

  • HyaCare® Filler CL - Cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a strong moisturising effect for filling and smoothing out wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity.
  • Hydro-K - Skin hydrating complex consisting of galactose and fructose linked to lecithin. Lecithin softens the epidermis, facilitates the absorption of active accompanying ingredients, deeply moisturises and replenishes lipids in the intercellular binder. Galactose and fructose act as hydration factors, as well as supply energy to the cells of the skin, stimulate collagen synthesis, and accelerate skin regeneration


Acne Logique

The golden measure in the fight against acne

Acne is one of the most onerous skin diseases that increasingly affects not only teens but also adults. This problem occurs as a result of increased sebaceous gland function but also due to hormonal problems, poor diet or stress. Too much sebum causes the blockage of the glands, which in turn leads to inflammation. Blackheads, papules and pustules appear.
The problem of acne often intensifies when we dry our skin too much, so proper skin care should be an absolute priority, both moisturizing and anti-acne treatment.
Acne treatment is not easy, but thanks to modern Théo Marvée products of the Acne Logique series, you have a powerful tool to treat troublesome skin lesions and scars and prevent new ones.
Théo Marvée cosmetics make use of revolutionary and very effective active ingredients:

  • Sytenol®A -A breakthrough natural ingredient that is obtained by extraction and purification of Babchi seeds. These seeds have very strong antimicrobial properties, anti-fungal properties and help alleviate acne lesions. Sytenol®A very effectively inhibits the proliferation of Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria, inhibits the secretion of sebum, mats the skin, and prevents the development of acne and inflammation. It also acts as a functional equivalent of rejuvenating retinol, but is completely safe.
  • Acnacidol™ - The unique active ingredient, which removes excess sebum and impurities without disturbing the natural barrier, unclogs the pores and restores the natural pH of the skin. It also exhibits a strongly antibacterial effect. It is derived from royal jelly, which promotes skin regeneration and regeneration of damaged cells. Thanks to it, skin better copes with inflammation.


Mani Thérapie

Discover the power of fruit in your hand care

Hands - they are often the first to tell our age, but it also thanks to them we learn about the world from birth. They serve us to show emotions and to work. The palms are most exposed to external factors: bad weather and all kinds of contact with surfactants (soaps, lotions, washing powders, etc.). We often forget about them in our daily care treatments and they are simply neglected. And yet they are so important.
Hand skin differs from skin on other parts of the body. It has a small amount of sebaceous glands as well as subcutaneous fat, and hence the function of moisturizing and greasing of the hands is affected which results in an accelerated aging process.
Théo Marvée addresses these problems by presenting the Mani Thérapie hand care line. The wealth of ingredients will make your hands look youthful, they will become our showpiece and a reason to be proud. Products include an innovative complex:

  • Polyplant Fruits - A plant complex containing fruit extracts: raspberry, apple, peach, kiwi, papaya, cucumber and strawberry with anti-age, softening and moisturizing properties. The content of ascorbic acid and citric acid affects the inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme and thus gives the formulation its lightening properties. Thanks to the carbohydrates and AHA acids, the complex affects the regulation of transepidermal water loss and stimulation of cellular regeneration.

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